What is HES code?

The HES (Life Fits Home) Code is a code for you to securely share whether you are at any risk for Covid 19 with institutions and people in your transactions including transportations and visits. The HES codes you share will be investigated through the application or services provided by respectable institutions.

It is now mandatory to show a HES code when entering fairs. Therefore, the HES code should be asked to all visitors and participants who will be joining our fair. You can download the HES code application both from Google Play and App Store.

Open homepage in HES application,

Switch to HES CODE GENERATION screen on HES application.

Create HES code

Under the “CREATE HES CODE” section, you start creating your code by pressing the “Add New Code” button.


After pressing the “Add New Code” button, the indefinite option should be selected for the HES code, and the code can be named if desired.

HES code is ready.

The HES code generated will be forwarded to the relevant account, institution or person and can be used to assess the individual’s risk for COVID-19