Step Istanbul, set out with “Art that accessible to everyone” motto, will be held in April for the first time this year, in cooperation with Contemporary Istanbul and Tomtom Designhood. The event will take place in Tomtom Kırmızı and the garden of Italian High-school!

Step Istanbul organized in collaboration between Contemporary Istanbul and Tomtom Designhood that held projects and events bringing design and art together, aims to be the “first step” to its guests waiting to discover accessible art. Galleries, artists, art initiatives, art professionals, collectors and those who want to begin collecting, come together in “Tomtom Kırmızı” and the yard of Italian High-school for four days during the event.

The first edition of Step Istanbul taking place between 25 and 28 April, presents a selection of contemporary art to local and international participants with its intimate atmosphere that blends in with the spirit and location of the project. Step Istanbul, offering an interdisciplinary program with its side events, will be an exciting start for artists, galleries and those who will step into the collecting world.

Step Istanbul aims to reflect art as an accessible phenomenon and targets young collectors who are interested in art and eager to learn. The event creates a new platform for art enthusiasts to gain personal experiences and share them.

Step Talks, one of Step Istanbul’s side events, prepared by a young curator to create a space for guests to spend pleasant time. The program includes dialogues on the current dynamics of the global art scene and the art production in addition to sections on art criticism, curatorial approaches and new media art. Besides the speech program, workshops, artist performances and art walks will be held in certain time intervals.

Tomtom Designhood, that organized festivals, projects and events in different fields such as design and fashion in the past with an innovative approach, is now hosting an art event with Step Istanbul. The rooms in the Tomtom Kırmızı building, with its well-preserved historical texture, are opened for those who want to meet and explore art.